Monday, August 16, 2010


A week has passed. I have received lovely e-mails from many of the riders. We're all suffering from too much reality....the time-away-from-life was so alluring and fulfilling. It had all the positives with none of the negatives. The Tank loved every moment. What have I come home with? New friendships, a wonderful perspective of the landscapes of North America, immense physical fitness, memories of so many hilarious moments, a mental rest - on the trip - from daily pressures and newspapers and TV that I haven't known since I was an adolescent, time to be myself with no baggage, and all that biking, and eating. I don't think life gets any better. But that's in hindsight. Was I thinking that on the 15 mile climb to the summit? I knew this would happen: The bike ride was great - terrific -while we were on it, and fabulous in retrospect. Often during the day or night I feel this huge realisation surge up within me: I biked across a continent.